Established in 2011, Artech Design Indonesia is a Bali Based accomplished Full-Service Interior Design Company that has been working with diverse companies, specializing in both bespoke luxury hotels, villas, corporate industrial-commercial public spaces projects.

For almost a decade and counting, our company is consistently recognized for its business acumen and its variety of innovative design and build solutions that understand what clients need and we deliver it in the most functional, punctual, and aesthetic needs.

ARTECH DESIGN is an architecture design company founded in Bali, Indonesia. We come up with a strong, personal, unique, and distinct brand identity based on creative innovation for every single design that we create. We believe every design is special and we make it all simply useful.

House - Bu Jovita Muding



Artech Design’s founder and Chief Executive Officer Adi Pramono is an Architect, Interior Designer, creative entrepreneur, and philanthropist. With experience for more than a decade, Adi consistent to create, design, and build a broad variety of creation of building project.

Throughout his career, Adi Pramono has evolved as one of the most inspiring interior designers in the region. His goals are to create a sustainable building and exceptional concept design that meets the client’s expectations.

His inspirations come from different aspects. To name a few, He inspired by the beauty of Bali Island, where he resided – The building, the culture, the art, and the people in Bali are always synced in harmony. The culture between the locals and the modern world evolves into one synchronization.

He has the flair to modify the existing design and create new ones. His philosophy and tagline for all of his designs are ‘SIMPLY USEFUL’. Useful to the clients, to society, and the environment.